The Top 10 Highest Paid Retired Athletes of 2015 (They're Totally Living the Life!)

Who says you’ll stop making money once you’ve retired? That’s not entirely true, you know. Take it from these athletes, who have long stopped from playing their respective games yet still earn more than millions from appearances, public speaking, licensing, endorsements, book deals and businesses.

Michael Jordan

With a brand that is owned by Nike, the biggest shoe manufacturer in the world, Michael Jordan soars into prominence well after his storied career in the game of basketball. The shoes with his name on them sold 2.6 billion dollars in profit. Not to mention, he also has sponsorships and endorsement deals with other big brands like 2K Sports, Hanes, Upper Deck and Gatorade. Yes, the greatest NBA player of all time continues to carve a legacy well into the world of business.

Shaquille O’Neal

O’Neal has retired from NBA just recently, but he continues to be a multi-million dollar earner. He has his very own Shaq brand of basketballs, as well as a beverage line called Shaq-Fu Punch, courtesy of AriZona Beverage Co. He works as a sports analyst and host for TNT these days, along with other ventures such as a Zales jewelry line and Dunkman shoes, the latter of which has already sold over a hundred million dollars all around the world.