Riley Curry Steals The Show

Everyone’s been talking about Riley Curry since the GS Warriors won the NBA Finals. However, there are some kids out there who don’t want to be left out in the dust.

Take Leah Still, for instance. She’s very cute even when she’s coaxing Riley to a Twerk It Like Miley danceoff. Amusing is the least we could say for this video.

David Beckham makes a cameo appearance on his son’s Instagram video.

For some people, technology isn’t all that of a big deal. The same goes for football legend, David Beckham. He even manages to check out what his son’s doing on his phone, thereby making a surprise appearance on Brooklyn’s Instagram feed. How’s that for getting more views, eh?

Ronaldo spends time with Junior

Ronaldo here proves how dope of a dad he really is. When he’s not playing for Real Madrid, he’s spending time with his family. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy chilling out on a hammock? He and his son look to be having a blast in this photo

Drew Brees celebrates with his kids.

  Drew Brees had a rather momentous time winning the Super Bowl back in 2010 with the rest of this team. However, he certainly made it even more special when he brought his son along for the victory.

Raising little Baylen up in the air and allowing him to touch the trophy as well was just a great moment the little guy won’t ever forget. How’s that for a lasting impact to you family’s legacy?

Lebron James’ son says he sucks.

  Lebron James sure does have a lot of haters. However, that’s what you get when you’re really good in your NBA game. His son, however, doesn’t hold back at all when it comes to criticism. Saying that his dad sucks after Lebron had an off game is rather amusing and adorable, truth be told.

Lionel Messi and son are victorious.

Lionel Messi had one heck of a time when he won the championship with his Barcelona teammates. However, he really took the time to spend a moment with his son, Thiago, and celebrate the victory together. He even let the little guy hold the trophy, which he could fit in. Now, that’s a very endearing moment.