Pro Athlete’s Children and their Most Adorable Moments

Derek Jeter’s Nephew is a Class Act

Derek Jeter had his final game inside the Yankee Stadium. Of course, it was a moment to remember. He made a walk-off single which caused such massive eruption throughout the entire stadium. It reminded us of such thrilling moments in history. To top it all off, he tipped his hat off this own child in the crowd, which made it quite the moment to remember.

Jimmie Johnson and daughter honor the USA.

Sometimes, even the simplest of moments can make for a truly memorable photo. Such is the case when NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson shared this patriotic moment with his daughter, Evie. Celebrating the greatness that is America as the National Anthem plays is as American as you can get. However, it’s the poignancy of this moment which makes the image captured worth a thousand words.

Kobe Bryant knows how to celebrate wins

Kobe Bryant is no doubt a veteran in the world of the NBA. He’s already said to be on his last season this year, hoping to get a good number of wins for a proper send off.

However, even if he’s so serious most of the time, it doesn’t mean he can’t be a little lighthearted, especially with his kids around. Look at them here, celebrating together in front of the media and the press.

Leah Still invites Riley Curry for a Dance Off

This is it. This is the moment that will forever go down in NBA history as the time where an athlete’s daughter became a media sensation overnight.

She certainly stole the spotlight from her dad during the post-game interview. While a lot of sports writers were rather grouchy about it, the number of fans that Riley had for her adorable appearance certainly outnumber them all.

Derrick Rose’s son, P.J

While everyone was raving about Riley Curry’s cuteness, there was another child who made a good impression on the media first. It was Derrick Rose’s son, P.J., who decided to crash the press conference right after his dad’s game. It wasn’t a pretty season for the Chicago Bulls, that’s for sure. Yet, this moment will stand out as a light hearted one that brought smiles to the faces of fans everywhere.

Riley Curry Steals The Show

Everyone’s been talking about Riley Curry since the GS Warriors won the NBA Finals. However, there are some kids out there who don’t want to be left out in the dust.

Take Leah Still, for instance. She’s very cute even when she’s coaxing Riley to a Twerk It Like Miley danceoff. Amusing is the least we could say for this video.