The University of Georgia’s fanbase can be quite a musical bunch. In fact, they sing their team’s anthem, “Glory, Glory” to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, which truly ups the excitement, creating an electrifying atmosphere that has to be experienced to be believed.

Clemson University in South Carolina has got fans which prepare for the big games in advance, getting amped up a day before or even beyond that. To them, the sport of football is not a joke, and they really are passionate about it. Heck, they even host barbecue parties over these games.

 The University of Florida is known for the crazy fans executing the Gator Chomp during games. This two armed motion resembles the bite of an alligator’s mouth, signifying that the visiting team will be losing the game pretty badly.

 The University of Wisconsin holds a famous rivalry with Minnesota State. The fans are always heated and truly passionate when it comes to supporting their home team, the Badgers, that they just might pick a few fights every now and then while sporting Badger makeup.

Appalachia State is one of the premiere college football teams for the season, and the fans are clamoring for more excitement. Not only are they donning black and gold duds every game, but also maintain their school spirit with tailgates.

The University of Southern California is rife with Greek imagery throughout its football games. The Tommy Trojan Statue and the Traveler are just among of the most iconic things you’ll see during every game, while the marching band does a bang up job of rousing the crowd’s excitement every time. Talk about school spirit, eh?