25 College Sports Teams with the Craziest Fans

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University has acquired a reputation for having some of the most obsessive fans.  Not only to they tailgate, but the mere fact that over 90,000 fans show up to each and every game says a lot.

When July comes around, sports fans from every college in the US should have something huge to look forward to — football season finally coming around. Of course, each college has its fair share of fans, but believe us when we say that things can get pretty rowdy in their respective venues, with the atmosphere being so electric and just full of excitement. Do you want to know which colleges have the greatest, most active and truly craziest fans? Read on!

 Ohio State University shares quite a storied rivalry with Michigan. However, the fans in OSU engage in an exchange of chants with practically every visiting team, resulting in one of the most excitingly interactive experiences in a stadium.

 The University of California at Santa Barbara definitely has some of the rowdiest and most passionate fans. Not only in football, but also in the fields of the men’s Gaucho and soccer events.

Kansas State University athletes get most of the workout prior to games. However, during those said events, the fans are also gauded by the student mascot, “Willie the Wildcat”, to do a pushup every single time the home team makes a score.

The fanbase at Florida State University have been renowned for the war chant, which has certainly become synonymous with their competitive spirit. Fans bend their arms at the elbow to symbolize the tomahawk chop, which is the Seminole’s iconic image.