20 College Football Stadiums in the U.S. Worthy Dying For

While you may love watching football in the comforts of your home, there’s just nothing compared to the actual, live atmosphere of seeing your favorite teams duke it out in a stadium. The energy is uproaring, with a large audience cheering on for their respective teams and the experience being unlike any other. However, we’d like to make it very clear that not every stadium in the U.S. is equal to one another. In fact, there are stadiums which are just far better, earning their reputations of being among the best that the U.S. has to offer.

TDECU Stadium

This stadium actually cost 120 million dollars to build. However, it’s still half the amount of how much McLane Stadium cost. Despite that, it still draws a lot of games for Houston. It’s also the 5th facility that the hometown team, the Cougars, would consider their home.

Beaver Stadium

Beaver Stadium certainly has its fill of fans.  The number in attendance always reaches 6 figures, with every fan wearing white in show of support to their home team, the Nittany Lions.  It was also the site of such amazing games, such as the one held last October against Ohio State.  It may not have resulted in a victory, but there was no doubt that the electricity throughout the entire game was amazing.