15 Pro-Wrestlers With the Most Luxurious Homes

Triple H (Jean Paul Levesque)

He is definitely among the greatest wrestling heels of all time, continuing to ire audiences everywhere as part of the Authority in WWE. For all his accolades, being world champion several times, one half of the popular stable Degeneration X, and founder of Evolution, Triple H also happens to be married to Vince McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie. You can say he worked his way up to the top over the years, thus giving him many benefits such as a mansion in Connecticut, where he lives with his wife. It’s got a sauna bath, a swimming pool and a gymnasium filled with high tech equipment.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Many people know who Stone Cold Steve Austin is. After all, he was the face of the WWE’s Ruthless Aggression era, which catapulted the organization high into the ratings game. With a net worth of 45 million dollars, it’s only fitting he has a home in Texas which is quite impressive to look at. He also named his home after his famous insignia – Broken Skull Ranch