15 Pro-Wrestlers With the Most Luxurious Homes

John Cena

John Cena is perhaps one of the most polarizing figures in pro wrestling. He is either loved or hated by many, yet WWE continues to promote him, for he is a real seller when it comes to the younger demographic. With all the money he has made over the years, he has acquired himself a home in Florida which has 6 bedrooms. It even has a dock for boats, making it a rather unique piece of property.

Andre the Giant (André René Roussimoff)

Andre was one of the biggest wrestlers at the time, and we mean that literally. Measuring 7’4” in height, he definitely was quite the monster. Hence, it was only fitting for him to have a house which he could fit in. Very much resembling a castle, tThe property spans 45 acres and includes many amenities, such as a fireplace, a dome skylight and even a Jacuzzi.