15 Pro-Wrestlers With the Most Luxurious Homes

We all know that the WWE is all about sports entertainment. Granted, everything is scripted, such as the storylines and the nasty bumps they take during matches. However, the pain isn’t fake. These sports entertainers take the hard falls, punches, kicks and grapples for a living to satisfy their audience. Hence, there’s some semblance of reality to it all. You know what else is real? The fact that they’re rich and own pretty expensive homes.

Kane (Glenn Jacobs)

Kane is one of the most long enduring wrestlers in the WWE, having been part of the organization for decades. That loyalty has to pay off, obviously, and his home shows just that. Being worth around 800,000 dollars, it’s 78 acres of property which showcases wonderful scenic views of the surrounding landscape. It’s also got 5 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and a garage that can fit 4 cars.

Rey Mysterio may be small compared to other pro wrestlers, standing at a height of 5’2”, yet his high flying moves dazzled audiences everywhere. He recently stopped at the game of wrestling due to a knee injury. Hence, he’ll have more time to spend at home, which was actually featured in the video above. It’s got a huge aquarium in Mysterio’s living room, as well as a backyard with a waterfall and a pool.