15 Photos of NBA Players You Wouldn’t Believe Existed

As the saying goes, “Anything can happen in the NBA.”  We believe that to be true.  Many memorable moments transpired in nearly every game of basketball, and we have many more to anticipate coming in the following years, with many more dramatic Playoffs runs and Championship wins from any of the teams in the entire league.  Of course, there are also those moments which are so rare that only the biggest fans would’ve probably witnessed them.  Such is the case for these photos.

 Anthony Davis looked a lot nerdier in his younger days. In fact, he had a lanky build as well as those eyeglasses which did nothing to enhance his intimidating frame. Flash forward to several years after, and he’s become quite a monster player for the New Orleans Pelicans. At least he didn’t have his trademark monobrow back in the old days.