15 NBA Stars Who Went from Hero to Zero

In the world of professional basketball (read: the NBA), there’s a whole lot of money to be made. This fact has helped turn some of the brightest young stars in the business into the wealthiest as well. Factor in the number of endorsement deals that comes along with the rising popularity, and there’s even more money coming in. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to keep a close eye on their finances. Truth is, there is about 60% of retired players of the NBA who go broke. These are just some of them.

David Harrison

Formerly a member of the Indiana Pacers, Harrison was picked for his height, being around 7 feet tall. He only managed to play for 4 years before calling it quits. He made 4.4 million dollars for the 4 seasons he was a role player. Unfortunately, he wasn’t even able to pay for his son’s Happy Meal in 2013, forcing him to get a job at McDonald’s instead.

Kenny Anderson

Kenny Anderson made 60 million dollars over the course of his 14 years in the NBA. He was pretty conscious about his budget too, always ensuring that he had allocated a budget to spend for just “hanging out.” However, he also had to pay for 8 different cars, a mansion in Beverly Hills as well as child support. Yep, that’s the path you take when you’re also quite the big spender.

Scottie Pippen

He was known as the greatest 2 guard in the game, being one half of the deadly tandem in the Chicago Bulls (Michael Jordan was the number 1 guy). He never had any real problems with the law, which makes one of the better role models in the game. Yet, we certainly don’t look up to him for his financial savvy, considering that he invested in a 4 million dollar jet which was faulty to begin with, forcing him to spend another 5 million to have it repaired. He had also lost 120 million dollars of his career earnings on other financial mistakes.

Eddy Curry

Eddy Curry seemed to have a bright future upon being the 4th draft pick in the NBA back in 2001. He was guaranteed 70 million dollars for the entire duration of his career too. Yet, even this was not enough to deal with his money probems. This included poor quick fix solutions to the purchase of 12 different cars for many of his friends and family members, leading him down a spiral of financial ruin.

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson was a former MVP who was also among the best scorers in the NBA. However, he was also quite the big spender. Where else would you see a player with an entourage consisting of 50 people? He also suffered an addiction to alcohol and gambling, which then led him to go broke, with his 160 million dollar earnings going up in smoke.

Shawn Kemp

Shawn Kemp, who was known as the “Rain Man” of the Seattle Supersonics, was not the best practitioner of safe sex. As a matter of fact, he’s a father to many children, 7 of them to be specific. Despite the fact that he made 90 million dollars throughout his 14-year career, this couldn’t help him out with the number of child support payments to be made. Not only that, but Kemp also had a problem with drug abuse.